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It's time for ForestBit

Sustainability through innovation

Timeline of ForestBit

First Rooftop

Urban Farm

A few years ago we built our first urban rooftop hydroponic farm. We started testing how to grow vegetables of the highest quality as efficiently as possible.

Giant Field

On The Roof

In 2021, we launched one of the largest rooftop farms in the world. Right in the center of the city, we grew many tons of crops on a small part of the shopping centre roof.

Smart Farm


For the 2022 season, we fitted our systems with photovoltaic panels. Energy from the sun is enough to power waterpumps, all the farm's sensors and automatic storage tanks.



Ultimately, we discovered that our clients want fresh, local produce all year round. That's why we developed our modular indoor system, which is suitable for every office, home or greenhouse.


Green & Tech

We care about the future, which is why we are currently introducing an educational farm. Together with our mobile app, it offers teachers a tool for teaching environmental and science subjects.

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Sustainability through innovation
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