Teaching Green 
& Tech

At school we all learned about how flowers grow. However, when we planted a flower in the spring, it grew during the summer holidays. ForestBit comes with a unique educational platform that combines technologically advanced vertical hydroponic cultivation and a mobile application. Thanks to this connection, teachers around the world can enable their students to explore the worlds of biology and technology, and learn the principles of ecology, circular economy and business.

What The EDU Farm

Can Do?

First of all, it allows you to do something unprecedented at school - to grow a flower during the school year, calmly in the winter, and you don't need a greenhouse. The farm is modular and full of sensors. These are designed to withstand the rough treatment they receive from students. In return, students can try out dozens of different configurations. Program the control unit, set different types of lighting and nutrition. The educational application can guide both students and teachers through all this conveniently via a mobile phone.
Cools down your roof
Energy self-sufficient
Saves water and CO2

What Can Be


It is possible to grow anything from various types of micro-herbs, herbs, through leafy vegetables to tomatoes and strawberries.


I'm Interested In

If you fill out this short contact form, we will contact you and present you with further details, if you are still interested, we will arrange a meeting and set up our cooperation, and teaching worthy of the 21st century can begin. Lifetime service of our farms is a matter of course.
Sustainability through innovation
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