About Us

ForestBit specializes in sustainable urban farming and environmental audits. Its green systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and help improve the city's climate, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and water and plastic consumption.
Michael Kalista
Supreme Communications Mage 
takes care of customers and communications.
Jan Tesař
Supreme Mage 
takes care of the overall operation of the company.
David Egyházi
Supreme Event Mage
takes care of installations and events.
Adam Přibyl
Supreme Flower Mage
makes sure that the flowers grow well.
Filip Zíka
Supreme Technical Mage
makes sure that the computer, not the human, cares.

Why do this?

Our team met at a technical high school in Prague. We were all united by our love for technology, but also for ecology. We regret that many so-called ecologists take a regressive approach when they claim that humanity should give up technology in order to save the blue planet. We believe that it is precisely the progress of technology that can once again save humanity and its entire planet.
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
Reducing water and plastic consumption
Reducing city temperature
Fulfilling the dream of growing crops on Mars

What Says David Egyházi?

„ Working for ForestBit is a mission, for me it is not only a mission for greener, healthier and more beautiful cities, but also a mission for permanent settlement on Mars.“
David Egyházi
Sustainability through innovation
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